Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Happy World AIDS Day 2017 Awareness Quotes, Slogans, Posters

Happy World AIDS Day 2016 Awareness Quotes, Slogans, Posters

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1. Take the business lead and pledge your support for World Supports Day. December 1st. Operate. Change lives.
2. Say NO to Supports. dec World Assists Day 1st!
3. Support Supports Awareness. World Helps Day Dec 1st.
4. We must ensure that the finish of Helps means the finish of Supports for everyone. - Representative Barbara Lee
5. Take the business lead and pledge your support for World Products Day. Dec 1st. Operate. Change lives. 6. Let's people pledge to make a future without Helps. Be original. Each right time a guy stacks up for a perfect, or works to boost an entire lot of others, delivers a little ripple of wish forth. Those ripples from a million different centres create a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of discrimination and resistance.
7. Battle with Products. Not people who have AIDS.  Support Supports Awareness. World Assists Day!
8. Stop Supports, Keep the promises.  Support AIDS Understanding. World Helps Day!
9. Out of look, out of brain. You will discover 40 million people coping with HIV/Helps worldwide and there continues to be no get rid of for Assists
10. Prevention is preferable to cure. Particularly when something does not have any remedy.
11. Helps continues to be a leading reason behind fatality in many elements of the world. It leaves children prone and orphaned.
12. Unless you have a valentine on romantic days celebration don't be unfortunate. Most people don't possess Supports on world Helps day as well.
13. Products is the largest challenge, the major devastation facing this country and we'd have wished for something more specific and far-reaching. - Mangosuthu Buthelezi
14. It really is bad enough that folks are dying of Supports, but no person should expire of ignorance. - Elizabeth Taylor
15. I wish to save my children but I believe to carry out that, I must change the world. - Elizabeth Glaser
16. HIV Helps and an infection keeps growing - but so too is general public apathy. We've lost way too many friends and co-workers already. - David Gefen
17. Whatever  you should do, the only magic formula is to trust in it of gratifying yourself. Don't get it done for anybody else. - Keith Haring
18. Take the business lead and pledge your support for world Products day, December 1st. Operate. Change
19. World Products Day. december 1st. AIDS is killed, so avoid being silly, use a condom in your bully.
20. Unless you have a valentine on romantic days celebration; don't be unhappy. Most people don't possess Products on world Helps day as well.
21. Being seen has value. A tone has value. The support is experienced by me of my partner, my great friends, and my caring parents. Many do not which is, partly, for these people. - Wallace, on developing HIV 22. December first of, is world Helps day. I don't believe it'll ever remove like Xmas. - Ricky
23. Our so this means is to make our little the world an improved destination to live, to avoid wars, disarm nuclear missiles, to avoid diseases, Helps, plague, cancer also to stop air pollution. - Uri Geller
24. One will nothing at all who will try to gaming system a despondent person with the term. A pal is person who aids with deeds at a crucial time when deeds are needed. - Euripides 25. Most of my peers passed on of AIDS, and no person is had by me to celebrate my past or my journey, or even to help me cross down stories to another technology. We lost a whole technology of storytellers with HIV. - David Mixner