Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Activities For World AIDS Day 2017

World AIDS Day is a excellent way for people and areas to keep in mind those we've lost and assistance those who proceed to be contaminated with HIV every day. Keep in thoughts, that the actions described below are only ideas. Feel free to tailor the activities to meet your organization's needs or goals as this details is offered only as a means to accomplish actions.

Hiv - Unaids - Aids Awareness Month - Aids Awareness Day

The US Division of Wellness and Individual Services motivates companies to observe the HIV attention days.  Here’s some concepts to help tailor your plans to meet your community’s needs.

This tool kit includes a variety of sources that will support you in planning and applying the different HIV/AIDS Awareness Day observance activities at the local level. Please note that these are only ideas. All actions should be designed to meet the particular needs of your own community. This details is offered only as a means to accomplish actions. It is impossible for us to cover all prospective issues that could be addressed. You know your group best, and you know what information it most needs to hear.

This is a list of comparatively easy actions that can be performed in your community to recognize the observance of the suitable HIV/AIDS Day. Should you decide to implement any actions, consider tailoring them to meet the needs of your group.

What Can Be Done By People and Wellness Suppliers

  • Physicians, nursing staff, and other wellness care suppliers can offer all sufferers HIV examining as a schedule part of their wellness care.
  • Areas can support HIV examining at several venues.
  • State and local health departments can create programs and adopt policies for offering routine HIV testing in health care settings and to help people at high risk for HIV get tested frequently.
  • Create table top shows with World AIDS Day information and place them in the cafeterias and other key places in your university.
  • Write an content or letter to the editor of the university paper and local paper include research about the occurrence of HIV/AIDS in your university or group.
  • Include what your school is doing for World AIDS Day 2016.
  • Motivate teachers to use cross-curriculum to integrate HIV/AIDS materials into courses.
  • Offer to make a contribution to an AIDS system.
  • Schedule a time on your local government’s agenda to demand the World AIDS Day proclamation be adopted.
  • Promote the World AIDS Day theme STOP AIDS. Keep The Promise.
  • Encourage your local radio channels to transmitted Public Service Announcements (PSA) leading up to the particular observance day in an effort to help increase HIV/AIDS attention. Please feel free to download the PSAs included in this site for your local station.
  • Ask your mayor or other local chosen formal to send a letter/memorandum to all city workers (often the largest single employer in any area) about the specific HIV/AIDS Obsrvance Day, and to inform them of available city solutions
  • Contact local magazines and television and radio stations NOW and encourage them to create a story on the impact of HIV/AIDS in your community and/or let them know of your accessibility to be questioned.
  • Contact your local tv and radio channels to take part as a guest on locally produced "morning" shows and/or radio call-in shows.
  • Health suppliers need to follow CDC’s testing guidelines:
  • One-time HIV testing for everyone ages 15–65;
  • HIV testing for pregnant women; and Annual HIV screening for high-risk groups.
  • public forum or town hall meeting on local impact essay contest
  • news conference visit to local AIDS service organization proclamation

 Final Word

World AIDS Day, started by UNAIDS in 1988 and now structured by the World AIDS Strategy, takes place yearly on December 1. It's seen as a celebration of wins in the AIDS movement, such as improved access to treatment and protection solutions. It’s also a day to honor those who’ve passed on – which numbers 30 million to date -- and for people to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS through presentations, numbers, interfaith ceremonies, film screenings, and music. Read on learn more about World AIDS Day festivities around the world.